Webjet rising with the Australian travelling bug

It looks like Webjet will experience strong growth in the second half of the year with the expectation that Australians will have a desire to do more overseas travel. This is an interesting view considering the plunging value of the Australian dollar.

Surprisingly Webjet have been able to maintain their margins despite higher competition and weak performances by other competitors. Webjet are expected to report earnings of $27 million for this financial year.

The company reported some interesting earnings with international flight bookings rising by over 33 percent in the second half compared to the same time last year. It is believed that the company is beating it’s rivals in the domestic and international travel bookings.

A key indicator of the company’s performance is the total transaction value they sell. This period the company reported a total transaction valu eof $646 million which is 41 percent higher that the previous corresponding period.

The company expects that despite the weak Australian dollar, the desire for Aussies to travel overseas will outweigh the financial issues.

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