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Hello and welcome to the  Link-Up website.

This site has been set up to assist Indigenous people who are members of the Stolen Generations and those who were adopted, fostered or institutionalised as a result of past government policies, to find connections to family and to access reunification and counselling services.

Link-Up was established at Nunkuwarrin Yunti of South Australia Inc. in December 1999 to provide family tracing, research, reunion and counseling support for families and communities. There are services like these in every State and Territory of Australia and a national network of Bringing Them Home Counsellors.

Through the Link-Up services, government departments, churches and other institutions have released various records which provide valuable information about family connections.

There are various other resources which have been or are being developed to assist Indigenous people trace family connections.  Link-Up has produced a book titled 'Aboriginal Missions in South Australia' which details the history of the missions and the names of people who lived there. A set of 10 missions and a mission map also giving a brief history of each mission including links to Key family names are available:


-       Ernabella

-       Raukkan

-       Oodnadatta

-       Nepabunna

-       Poonindie

-       Kooniba

-       Swan Reach

-       Umeewarra

-       Ooldea



In 2005  Link-Up launched the ‘Finding Your Own Way’ resource directory. This resource provides historical, archival and how to access information relating to over 216 homes/institutions throughout SA where Aboriginal children were placed.


Finding Your Own Way Home Directory
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Aboriginal Missions
in SA Book
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